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Doctors Dose was founded by Dr Hasia. She is a Medical Doctor who specialises in dermatology. After years of treating skin and hair conditions, she created her own skincare brand Doctors Dose.

During the covid pandemic, the lack of accessibility to doctors meant that people which skin conditions were not able to see their doctor so easily. Dr Hasia wanted to create a skincare platform where people can easily access specialist skin care.

As an acne sufferer herself, Dr Hasia understands that certain skin conditions can leave people feeling helpless. Doctors Dose was created to empower sufferers and allow them to make their skin choices in a safe environment under the supervision of a doctor. All prescription skincare is approved by Dr Hasia.

She has developed a non prescription professional skincare range which tackles a variety of skin issues.

She also has Doctors Dose Clinic where she treats skin conditions and performs aesthetic procedures.

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